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The Curriculum


Introduces children 3 1/2 to 5 years of age to basic Ballet concepts; gentle stretching, and locomotor movements. Students discover how their bodies can move; create their own dances, and learn to respond to music and rhythm.



Must be of kindergarten age. Along with creative movement, students focus a little more on Ballet concepts, positions and early Ballet steps. 


The foundation for all other dance forms offers disciplined training  in classical ballet style, technique and vocabulary with emphasis on correct body alignment and proper use of weight-bearing muscles and joints.


The highest extension of Ballet Style. It is offered to qualified students as determined by the instructor.


The Giordano technique, with emphasis on rhythm, coordination, fast movement, composition, strength and style.


An asymmetrical form of Ballet which stresses the torso as the source of movement with emphasis on creative improvisations, locomotor movement and imaginative exploration of the body in space.


Movement that has elements of poppin’, lockin and breakin. As well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.


Tap dance is a form of dance that is able to be performed at any and all ages, from the very young to the much older student, and anyone can learn it at any age. That is the joy and appeal of tap dance. Focus is placed on the study of broadway-style tap and rhythmic tap dancing. It is terrific for developing rhythm, balance, strength, and versatility as a dancer, and has many physiological, as well as cognitive, benefits for both younger and older students. Tap dance brings immense joy and satisfaction to those who study it!


The incorporation and integration of various dance genres, especially tap, jazz, and modern dance, into a performance-quality art form. Students develop in these genres of dance, while at the same time learning to act and perform while dancing.





Piyo is an athletic blend of yoga combined with mat Pilates designed to enhance muscle strength and length, improve posture, flexibility and physical awareness. The moves fit perfectly together to offer choreography that’s fun and challenging and can be geared towards any fitness level. 


BALLET—Children, Junior and Senior Divisions

Females; All students in these divisions must wear pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Leotards for each class are:

              Creative Movement—Pink (Simple leotards please; no attached skirts, appliqués, etc.)

Ballet I—White; Ballet II—Light Blue; Ballet III—Royal Blue; Ballet IV/V—Black Intermediate through Advanced Ballet classes– Black

Boys; Any color leotard or t-shirt, gym shorts, black jazz pants or black tights, white or black ballet shoes.

Adults; Females: Any solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

            Males: Any color leotard or t-shirt, black tights or black jazz pants, white socks, white or black ballet shoes.


Females and males: Any solid color leotard and stirrups, footless tights or black jazz pants

Jazz 1 and 2 - bare feet        Jazz 3 and up - tan jazz shoes*         * Jazz sneakers must be approved by instructor.


Appropriate dance attire. Instructor will discuss specifies at first class. Jazz sneakers required for Hip Hop.


Beginning Tap students do not buy tap shoes before the first class. We may have a pair that you can borrow.




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