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Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement

Introduces children 4-5 years of age to basic Ballet concepts; gentle stretching and locomotor movements. Students discover how their bodies can move; by creating their own dances and learning to respond to music and rhythm.


The foundation for all other dance forms offers disciplined training in classical ballet style, technique and vocabulary with emphasis on correct body alignment and proper use of weight-bearing muscles and joints.


The highest extension of Ballet Style. It is offered to qualified students as determined by the Directors.


The Giordano technique, with emphasis on rhythm, coordination, fast movement, composition, strength and style. Classes are offered to children (9 years of age or older), teens and adults.




An asymmetrical form of Ballet which stresses the torso as the source of movement with emphasis on creative improvisations, locomotor movement and imaginative exploration of the body in space.

Hip Hop

It's urban, it's street, and it's diverse and forever changing. Hip Hop encompasses movement that has elements of poppin' lockin' and breakin' as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. It emphasizes body moviement and rhythm while incorporating stretching and isolation. Black split sole dance sneakers will be required for this class. 


A rythmic dance form based on sound and movement, students will learn a very basic foundation for tap and vocabulary through creative teaching strategies. As the students progress, they will learn the fundamental tap sounds and steps leading to advanced rhythms and syncopation. Emphasis is placed on proper body placement, positioning, weight shifts, clarity of tap sound and rhythms. 


Classes offered in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and Tap for children (ages 3 & up), Teens, and Adults

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Sept 6 Registration 5pm

Sept 11 Fall Classes Begin

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